November 15, 2019

Replacement at 24:30 / week until December 2019 (21 hours / week at Parchment School in East Angus) (3:30 / week at Notre-Dame School) -Dama-Paradise in Dudswell)


Nature of work: The job of psychologist more specifically includes prevention, screening, help and support for students who have or are likely to have difficulty coping or learning, assessing psychological and mental functioning, and determining an intervention plan for the purpose of promoting psychological health and restoring health students in interaction with their environment and to support them in their academic progress and their personal and social fulfillment.

Characteristic attributes: The psychologist participates in the development and implementation of the psychology service while respecting the educational and administrative frameworks at both the school and the school board levels.

She or he contributes to the screening and recognition of students with difficulties, with a view to prevention and intervention. He or she plans and evaluates the psychological and mental functioning of students, particularly students with handicaps or social maladjustments, and students with a mental or neuropsychological disorder attested by a diagnosis or a diagnosis. evaluation carried out by a professional resource authorized to do so. He or she selects and uses recognized standardized psychometric tools, conducts interviews and makes observations, analyzes and interprets these observations and the data collected. She or he determines an intervention plan in psychology as part of an intervention plan to meet the needs of the student.

He / she participates with the multidisciplinary team in the development and revision of the student's intervention plan, incorporating, as appropriate, his / her action plan; he or she participates in the choice of objectives and means of intervention; he or she collaborates with the other members of the team in coordinating and coordinating interventions and evaluating the achievement of objectives.

She / he helps teachers to specify the nature of the problem, advises them and supports them in their educational process; he or she suggests or applies solutions or strategies that are conducive to improving the conditions for success of the student or group of students; he or she plans, organizes and facilitates training activities.

She or he works with students, groups of students or parents; she or he assists them in identifying difficulties, supports them in the exploration of solutions and, if necessary, offers them resources.

She or he advises management staff, writes expert reports, appraisals, appraisals and progress reports and makes appropriate recommendations to support decision-making.

She or he advises and supports school counselors in the integration of students into regular classes and offers them means of intervention or activities appropriate to the situation of the student or group of students. students.

He or she may be called upon to help defuse crisis or emergency situations and suggest possible solutions.

He or she develops and maintains relationships withrepresentatives of partner organizations, the health and social services network and school boards.

She or he prepares and updates files according to the standards of the profession and the rules defined by the school board; he or she prepares progress notes or evaluation reports of stage, end of process and follow-up of his interventions.

Qualifications required: Be a member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.

Immediate superior: Ms. Isabelle Dagneau Director of Complementary Educational Services and Special Education

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