Project Manager / Building Technician

May 08, 2019

At the Commission scolaire de Laval, we have more than 9,000 employees. We are committed to providing quality services to our students and we are confident that we will work every day for one of the noblest causes of all, that of education. Choosing to work at the Laval School Board is choosing to be part of a dynamic and innovative team that, collectively, is committed to the success of its 56,000 students. They are our reason for being and our greatest source of pride. It is for them that we are looking for the best talent and that we have given ourselves the mandate to be an employer of choice.


The main role of the employee in this class of employment is either to provide technical assistance to the different services of the board, mainly by carrying out site supervision, research and coordination in the context of their function, by drawing up and participating in the drawing up of plans and specifications, by collecting and providing the basic data necessary for the professional staff and managers of the various departments, or to be responsible for the operation of equipment relating to building.


In the field of building technology, the employee of this class of employment analyzes the needs relating to the construction and layout of premises as well as the installation of furniture and equipment, all taking into account the constraints imposed by their use and established standards. It carries out the visits, the surveys, the researches, and the necessary consultations and prepares the plans and specifications which will serve as a basis of work to the professional staff such as: architects, engineers. It validates, verifies and proposes the modifications that are required from the technical point of view, and consequently, can explain its point of view in the subjects of air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, electricity or others. It can also decide on the opportunity to realize or not. It carries out site supervision and checks whether the works comply with the specifications, the various regulations and the standards in force, such as those of the municipalities. It can also monitor the progress of the work and prepare progress reports in particular to establish the payments to be made and ensure compliance with the schedule. Within the limits of its competence, it makes technical calculations, elaborates and prepares drawings and plans and specifications for the purpose of submission and construction in the field of architecture, heating, ventilation, projects submitted to it. It also develops standard plans for certain types of work such as: shingle replacement, laboratory work, cafeteria work. It performs certain calculations and estimates for works, such as: calculations of surfaces, volumes and quantity of materials, in particular for estimation and cost verification. It may be called upon to train and assist less experienced technicians, as well as to coordinate the work of support staff, in the tasks performed by these personnel, in the execution of technical operations programs for which they are responsible. . If necessary, she performs other related tasks.


Hold a college diploma in building mechanics technology, architecture technology, civil engineering, industrial maintenance or beholds a diploma or an attestation of studies whose equivalence is recognized by the competent authority or hold a bachelor's degree in building engineering, mechanical engineering or architecture.


This post requires:

- Having knowledge of mechanical and electrical building is an asset.

- Hold a valid, unrestricted driver's license and hold a vehicle for the performance of their duties (travel allowance provided)

- Have taken the Health and Safety course on construction sites and hold the ASP card

- Experience in developing and managing construction and maintenance work, especially for the public sector (asset)

- Have passed a French test according to the success threshold required by the school board.

TREATMENT : Based on education and experience (minimum $ 22.74 to maximum $ 32.00 per hour)

WORKPLACE : Hardware Resources Service

800 place saved in Laval

WORK SCHEDULE Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

BENEFITS A work schedule that facilitates the reconciliation of work and private life;

Many challenging construction and renovation projects in a rapidly expanding environment;

Comprehensive range of benefits (pension fund, group insurance, employee assistance program ...)


Here's what to do:

Complete your application by going to the school board website and clicking on Job Opportunities in the Careers



Submit your resume to the address available on the Laval school board website. It is imperative to indicate, in the subject line of the e-mail, the name of the position and the competition number (ES1819-64) for which you are applying and your application number (CXXXX) will be assigned to you.

The Laval School Board operates an Equality Access Program and invites women, ethnic and visible minorities, Aboriginal people and persons with disabilities to apply. To promote the application of our program, we suggest that candidates indicate whether they belong to one of these groups. Accommodations may be available upon request, during the selection process, for applicants with special needs.

Only the person whose application is successful will receive an official communication from the Human Resources Department.

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