Director of qualification

January 25, 2019

Under the authority of the Senior Director of Distribution Operations, the incumbent is responsible for managing career access activities in the distribution of financial products and services to ensure the competence, probity and solvency of applicants who obtain a certificate.

The director manages a team that is responsible for the following activities:

Granting the initial rights of entry (career entry) for individuals subject to the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services (ADPFs) by performing checks and analyzes of applicants' application files while offering claimants a coaching and excellent customer service in an operational environment guided by a quality assurance program; Analyze, develop and modify qualification requirements (which may lead to a regulatory or legislative review); Develop qualification exams from bilingual question banks Conduct methodological and statistical follow-up of exam results to ensure the validity of the qualification process Design, write, translate and print different manuals of reference; Recognize courses and programs of training organizations related to supervised disciplines ; recognize requests for private tutoring; analyze requests for recognition of the minimum training per year (school and out-of-school experience) Administer and correct examinations. In the context of the integration of the framework of mortgage brokerage by the Authority in 2020, the director must coordinate the implementation of qualification standards and deploy a continuous training management process for these new players.

The Director also represents the Authority on various Pan-Canadian committees that are working on the development of certification standards.

To fulfill his mandate, the director must also establish and maintain harmonious relationships with training organizations, various government agencies and industry.

Requirements and Qualifications

-Bachelor's degree in administration, law, teaching or any other discipline relevant to the job; -With 8 years of relevant experience in the financial field, including 5 years experience in managing multidisciplinary teams; - Have excellent command of the French and English language, both orally and in writing; - Know the MISA computer solution (CRM); -Learn the LDPSF; -Have experience in the management of large-scale projects (considered an asset); -Professional experience in training and development of standards qualification (considered an asset).

Professional Skills

-Provide the leadership and interpersonal skills needed to motivate, mobilize and develop a team of twenty or so collaborators; - Be able to foster the emergence innovation-enhancing behaviors, thus helping to make the team successful in its operations; - Demonstrate openness and a high sense of analysis in order to benefit from the multiple opportunities available to team to enhance our service delivery and the reliability of our qualification tools; -Simply adapt to the changing realities of the financial products and services distribution industry todevelop work methods that are sensitive to this environment; -Have a high sense of customer support to implement a philosophy of proximity regulator in daily interactions. note that the successful candidates will have to submit to an investigation of good character and criminal record in connection with the job.

We subscribe to an Equal Employment Opportunity Program.

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