Design and facilitation of learning experiences

April 29, 2022

Our young Montreal company is growing and we need reinforcement. We are looking for an intrapreneure person with talents in educational design, advice and facilitation to boost our team and accentuate the movement to more human companies!

You dream of choosing your workplace and Your schedules? Do you want to have fun by collaborating with a team of thunder? Do you love the development of transformer content and learning routes?

great. Get ready to apply for your dream job:

you will collaborate with a human (for real!) And authentic team where everyone's talents are used and which is committed to building together. You will participate in the development of educational content and transformer learning paths, in coherence with the needs and values ​​of the Boostalab community.

concretely, you will assume leadership in the following aspects, in close Collaboration with the team and its collaborators:


  • Design tools at Boostalab (simple, concrete and practical) on various Soft-Skills: Guides, webinaries, self -assessments, videos ... (from idea to publication, through design)
  • Design virtual learning paths and in person for a variety of customers
  • Contribute to the evolution of the contents and educational activities of the learning platform
  • Contribute to the curation of content and the drafting of blog articles or other marketing content


  • Facilitate various innovative and inspiring learning activities (Apprentassa course GE, co-development sessions, workshops, webinaries) in order to arouse the commitment, learning and satisfaction of participants

Customer project advice and management

  • Meet customers in order to identify their needs
  • Analyze needs and determine the best learning strategies that result from them
  • Offer the support necessary to promote Learning experiences that have impact
  • Develop and maintain a relationship of trust with customers

even if you think your profile does not correspond Not to all the criteria, do not hesitate to apply by telling us why this position interests you!

what we are looking for


  • Experience in educational development and content animation for autonomous and online learning
  • Layout to develop continuously; ability to carry out several front projects positively; Aptitude proven for teamwork; Execution speed
  • Skilky with the Google, PowerPoint and Canva suite
  • At least 5 years of relevant experience
  • Interest for technological solutions
  • Bilingual, oral and written (French/English)
  • Work experience in organizational development or human resources
  • Experience in team support

The context

Flexible schedule - 5 JRS/SEM

Remote work - at the corner coffee, in the park or on your own counter Cooking… It's up to you to choose!

4 weeks of vacation from the first year

Collaborative, learning and autonomous environment

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