Coordinator - Departmental Affairs

May 03, 2019

Display number: 19-20 / 018

Employment status: Replacement - 13 months

Class / Salary:

$ 12 / $ 30.12 to $ 48.78

Service: Department of Electrical Engineering

Duration and Hours: 35 hours / week, Monday to Friday

Start of the term: July 2019

Deadline to apply: May 12, 2019, at 5 pm

School Presentation

The École de technologie supérieure is an institution of the Université du Québec offering bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs in engineering. Located in Griffintown, at the junction of Old Montreal and downtown, within walking distance of the metro and train stations Lucien-Lallier and Bonaventure, ÉTS offers, in addition to a competitive salary and a generous pension fund, several advantages.

  • Group insurance;
  • Up to 21 days vacation per year;
  • 4-day summer schedule;
  • Access to a discounted rate at its on-campus or on-site sports center;
  • Public Transit Incentive Program: 3-month discount on annual subscription;
  • Competitively priced car and bike parking;
  • Access to the various corporate agreements of the School;
  • CPE on site, and many other benefits.

Job Description

Under the direction of the immediate superior, the immediate superior, provides assistance in the accomplishment of academic and administrative tasks within the department.

  • Plans and controls academic and administrative activities within the department; coordinates and ensures, in collaboration with the stakeholders involved, activities related to the organization of the trimesters such as the reception of the new student clientele, planning and supervision of the registration process, preparation and consolidation course forecasts, etc.
  • Acts as an intermediary between departmental management, program directors, the Deanship of Training and the deanship of resource management related to editing, balancing and final schedule audits of courses at all levels. cycles.
  • Meeting students, students with particular and complex problems related to their academic progress, review their case, perform the required analyzes, advise them and make recommendations to the designated person regarding double enrollments, agreements inter-university, recognition of prior learning, exemptions, substitutions, restrictions on further education, exclusions, end-of-school approval, etc., ensures the supervision of students, students guardianship.
  • Acts as an intermediary between the student clientele, the registrar, the department director, the Office of International Relations or any other concerned stakeholder.
  • Collects and analyzes data or information and assists the designated person in the development of various documents such as business plan, three-year plan, development, modification or evaluation of educational programs, accreditation of educational programs by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (BCAPI); writes, maintains and enforces procedures; carry out studies on particular subjects.
  • Ensures the quality of the form (visual presentation standards, uniformity of style, etc.) of the documents produced by the department, such as examinations, project summaries, lesson plans, etc.
  • Acts ascontact person with the various administrative units involved and with the people of the department in carrying out the activities for which they are responsible.
  • Conducts research, compiles statistics and prepares the necessary documentation for the study and the progress of various files such as the modification of policies and regulations and the setting up of departmental activities; advises stakeholders involved on academic, educational, administrative and budgetary aspects.
  • Work with relevant stakeholders to promote curricula; can participate in information tours in educational institutions, organizes information activities, drafts and distributes documentation to external organizations and professional associations.
  • Participates in meetings or acts as representative of the superior, the superior; attends various committees and ensures, when required, the follow-up of decisions taken in the course of their work.
  • Collaborates in the organization or plans and organizes various activities such as study day, symposium, fair, reception of new students, new students, convocation ceremony, etc.
  • Participates in the development, implementation and updating of programs and computerized management systems related to its field of activity and this, in collaboration with the specialized resources within the department.
  • Acts as the lead and lead for his SIGNETS and PLANETS applications department with faculty and instructors.
  • Is responsible for organizing certain activities such as study days, seminars, 5-7 for new students as well as second cycle recruitment, open doors, etc.
  • Assume responsibility and coordination of student mobility issues.
  • Writes and collaborates on the writing of the various academic reports.

Profile Wanted

Education: Bachelor's degree in an appropriate discipline

Experience: Three (3) years of relevant professional experience in academic and administrative management in the university education sector.


  • Great sense of organization;
  • Ability to deal with students, teachers and administrative entities;
  • Ease to communicate orally or in writing.

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